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Lucy. Yes, that was her name. She wrote quickly, finely, leaving her mark on the old, weathered wall. Smiling. Happy. Unaware. Crystal white flakes of hope fell from the silver grey sky which settled on her wispy, blonde hair. A muffled clang came from behind. Lucy jumped, alarmed. A strong breeze ruffled her fine hair, but quickly vanished. In the distance, opposite the ancient wall sat a shop. No-one had seen anyone enter; no-one had seen anyone leave. A small doll, covered in detailed, fine wispy blonde hair sat staring with its pale baby-blue eyes. Lucy walked with grace through the idyllic yet harsh snow, towards the rusty exterior of the shop. She placed her head on the ice-cold window and instantly beamed, wanting the item that she could see. She skipped with the elegance of a dancer over to the shop’s antediluvian door and attempted to enter the shop. Clunk. Creeeak. The door refused to open. Alas for poor Lucy, the door did not open. Upset, the thwarted Lucy stomped away, leaving deep footprints in the unspoiled snow, which gracefully covered the path.
I sat there. Motionless… powerless… I had been trapped here many years by the enigmatic shop. I still did not know if the shop was inhabited by anything but us dolls. Every time an innocent, pure child entered the shop to grab that vile doll that looked just like them, they were brutally sucked into that hard shell.
I want to escape. To be free.
Oh no… not another… Please! No! Don’t! It’s not what you think! Oh please don’t reach for the doll! Let us out! Please, I’m begging you… don’t touch it… It’s what we did… It still makes me want to cry every time a child comes into this shop. Sigh. She has become one of us, stark and emotionless. Why are we here? I was only curious. I didn’t deserve any of this. I should be outside, frolicking with my friends… not ensnared in here.
Sigh. If only I could nudge my fragile body towards the edge of this precarious shelf, I could fall, gracefully, almost like a swan, towards the cold, dark unbreakable floor. My soul could escape this eternal damnation. Endlessly free. But I would cease to exist. This hard shell may be my prison, but deprived of it… I am nothing. Wait! The girl left the door open! The strong midwinters wind…

Smash. I turned to see the remains of a fragile, porcelain doll. I noticed that the door hadn’t closed, as a small doll on a tricycle rode, frantically towards the small gap in the decaying door of the shop. As I reached to close the door, it slammed, causing each and every doll to shake, disturbing the gentle peace of the shop. The doll continued downwards, crashing into the rotting wood… almost trying to escape?

I had seen a small lass enter the shop – this shop – and decided to see if she was all right. I had heard funny, dodgy things about this shop – all us adults had. I saw a doll that looked just like me in the shop window. I thought it was suspicious, so I entered the unlocked shop. I looked around – the doll that was identical to me had vanished… aha! There it was!
It was then I realised that every single beady eye was following me from around the room. I walked closer, going eye to eye against these mechanical dolls. I decided it was time to leave… I headed towards the door – I heard a bolting sound and the door was locked. I was trapped.
A small fiction piece I wrote (featuring multiple point of views), inspired by the short film Alma:
So I was recently introduced to Twine ( which can make great interactive stories, and since I needed to adapt my story to become a text-based adventure, I started there.

Why not have a play? 2ec4046c2026842ac6653b4f433ac6…

(Note: You might die a lot.)
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To the few people who consider me to be their friend:
I admit it. I can be an idiot. I'll often appear to be a complete and utter cock or never agree with anything you say. I constantly seem to hate on things you like, or comment on everything in a way that irritates you.

I'm sorry.
If I comment on something that you like, but do it in a negative way (for example, >windows 8), I'm doing it in a friendly way, to poke at you. I don't actually hate on it (unless it's Apple, damn you Apple) - I'm being friendly. Okay, I can understand that through text, it's a lot harder to get the actual meaning across. It's meant to be a jibe (Google thinks that's a sailing term, but… has it - a friendly insult) and something not to be taken seriously. 

I can be serious. But when I'm serious, you usually know. But there's a lot of times you take me serious when I'm just kidding around and being friendly. I know I'm hardly the most friendly of people, but I never hurt with intention. I hate doing that. I hate being angry. I hate causing pain.

This has lead to many fallings out in the past. I never remembered to explain it. But here it is, after a night of hardly sleeping (or was it hard sleeping?) and constantly thinking.

There have been times where I have completely failed as a friend. Every single time, it's my fault. It's always my fault. Very rarely is it due to someone else. I ask of this: Please forgive me. There are times, I'm sure of it, when people do enjoy my company... and I can only hope those times outweigh the negative effects I have.

Your resident tall person,

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I like space.
I'm just too cynical.
I can bring fun, I can bring pain...
I like to play my hand with debates (Try me).
I've been known to dabble with photography and literature
Apparently, I remind people of Jeremy Clarkson.
I take pride in the fact I will be the most uninteresting person you will talk to.
People always copy my most uncreative of names.
Ad astra per aspera, ad honorem.
2 + 2 = 5
I can neither confirm or deny that I have worked for the NSA.
And I'm afraid I've run out of things to tell you.

Oh, maybe this:
No need to say thanks for the random favourite/watch! I know you love doing it, but I know ;)


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